If you like to brew your own coffee you want to keep your beans fresh, but what type of environment do coffee beans like? The enemies of roasted coffee are moisture, air, light and heat.

Some people believe that if you store the coffee in the freezer it is accomplishing all of these things and will keep it fresh. Here are a few reasons why this is not quite true:

• Coffee is porous and absorbs the flavors around it, which is great for those who love flavored coffee. But if given the chance coffee will absorb other flavors, like those in your freezer. Who wants shrimp flavored coffee? When coffee is roasted the beans release oils which give the coffee its flavor. When frozen it loses this flavor.
• Coffee is only fresh for a certain amount of time. This is generally about two weeks. If you are buying coffee in bulk this would be the one time it’s ok to freeze it. When you take it out of the package though it can’t go back to the freezer.
• Vacuum sealed bags aren’t the best option either as coffee release co2 (carbon dioxide) after it’s roasted which could potentially cause the bag to burst. If you package fresh roasted coffee in valve-sealed bags it will allow the co2 to escape and keep your coffee fresh with no bag explosion.

To review, the best ways to always have fresh coffee are:
1. Buy whole beans if possible, like those sold at the “B”.
2. Look for valve-sealed bags, not vacuum-sealed.
3. Store your coffee beans in a sealed container in a dark place.
4. Grind your beans right before brewing. Grinding the night before allows the oils to dissipate over night, making bitter coffee.
5. Enjoy your fresh coffee.