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Cammy Davis

//Cammy Davis

Cammy Davis bio 3 2013I love the contrast of abstract design with geometric order. I’m drawn to repeating images and tend to build those ito my work, while at the same time, I like looser brushstrokes and flowing lines. To me, that feels similar to life. You organize and schedule life, but there are so many unexpected life events. It’s a mix of order and chaos.

I like to show process in my work. I’m tactile so I start with how I want the piece to feel physically, and then move on to how I want it to feel emotionally. I can see my progression as an artist and a human by looking at my work through time.

My work is meant to peak people’s interest, but in an undefinable way. I want people to feel an immediate “pop” or connection and pause to think about why. I think that because I paint in an abstract style, it allows me to paint an emotion without a black and white definition. Each viewer is left interpret it in their own way.

I studied Fine Art at the University of Idaho and Interior Design at Bellevue College.

– Cammy Davis



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